Monday, March 14, 2022


Updates from Jazz House Publications

Hi everyone!  It’s been awhile since Jazz House has published anything, and I wanted to reach out and let you know what we’ve been up to. There’s been networking, there’s been interacting with various communities, from entrepreneur success stories to the challenges disabled communities face trying to make their voices heard.  I’ve personally been involved in book coaching, helping authors with challenges on their way to getting published, and my brilliant partner-in-crime Tara has been sharing her passion for writing across the web.

But back to talking about Jazz House.  We have not been idle there, either. Jazz House has spent the last 8 months since our last release (witches’ ball)  looking closely at our mission and our values, and how best to express and honor them in the midst of the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19..  That’s actually what we’ve landed on - coping with and understanding our world as it is today, and the journeys that so many have been over the course of them, in the spirit of the own-voices we looked for in Crone Rising. We will be introducing our new project and a focus for the coming year: Pandemic Voices.   We’re going to be finding articles from people on the front lines - nurses, teachers, first responders, doctors - to learn about their experiences and make sure they are remembered and not forgotten. We will be doing interviews, too - which we’ll (probably) share in podcast form and drop transcripts on the blogs.

There’s so much that’s happened.  There are so many stories that need to be heard.  There are memories that can’t be forgotten - we are at a junction in time where we -must- record what the world has been like, what this experience has been like, before it’s left behind by the short-attention span of public interest. 

To our loyal supporters and writing community, thanks for sticking with us through it all.  We’ve missed you, and are coming back in full force with our Pandemic Voices project very, very soon.

-Seamus King, Jazz House

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Friday, March 11, 2022

A Reading: Wyrd of the Wolfkin

Wyrd of the Wolfkin

Friday Afternoon Reading at Writing Works Wonders

Hello everyone!  Today, on the Writing Work Wonder's Open-Mic Podcast - an ACB (American Council of the Blind) event- I was honored to be invited to read a selection from my premiere story, Wyrd of the Wolfkin.  You can find this short story at Amazon @ , and I'd like to share the excerpt I raed with you right here.  Thank you for tuning in and listening!

You can find the stream at, and the Wonderful Ladies of Writing Works Wonders here: 

Brandr and Arindel were up before the sun rose and broke camp in the murky gloom. They hiked through the thick fog, the way becoming both narrower and steeper, now barely more than a game trail. The wood around them deepend, the endless rows of ash and oak occasionally broken up by stands of silver-barked birch. They passed through hidden mountain meadows, where the last of summer blooms struggled in the cold while bees and butterflies darted back and forth. Brandr lifted his hand and a blue-and-silver winged swallowtail landed on it, fluttering against him. He smiled, but when it took off his miasma quickly returned.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Brief Update

 Hi everyone!  Not dead!  I will have a bigger update coming your way tomorrow, but I wanted to chime in and give you a brief synopsis of what you can expect from me in 2022.

Right now I'm working on finishing up the final draft of Night of the Wolfkin, the third installment in my Wyrd of the Wolfkin cycle - and the first to have a print run, as well!  I'm also collaborating with my mother, Dr. K.P. King, on a science fiction project, with the working title Survival and Science Among the Stars - involving a team of researchers roaming the galaxy managing important research projects, and the dangers and hijinx that occur along the way.

There are so. Many.  Hijinx.

Last - and rather than Least, the Greatest - Jazz House is working on Pandemic Voices, an initiative that investigates, explores, and chronicles the experiences of first responders during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

More soon!  Keep breathing, my friends!



Updates from Jazz House Publications Hi everyone!  It’s been awhile since Jazz House has published anything, and I wanted to reach out and l...