Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Stories in Brief : December First

Stories in Brief

by Seamus King

I liked yesterday's prompted microfiction so well, I thought I would make it a thing.  Welcome to "Stories in Brief" - tales told in microfiction.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Special thanks to Cee Kingsley - you can check her out on a variety of social media, starting here.

Bedtime Story:

The stars haven't always been there.  Before the planets were shaped, before the skies were painted or the the comets began their long circuits throught the cosmos, the stars winked into life.  One by one, living explosions appeared in the blank void, pockets of gravity and fire within the great nothing.  Soon came planets, hunks of rock locked in orbits, and moons circling those in turn - asteroid belts built from broken worlds pulled into lifeless rings of stoney corpses: and then, out of all of these, the lonely Earth emerged.  Terra long before Gaia was born, long before it was the cradle to thinking humankind.  Against all odds, this would-be sphere caught some of it's parent Sol's heat, and with gravity's pull and whatever it could grab from the emptiness it grew a sky.

And through that sky - and only through sky- the stars began to twinkle.

 A girl in a haunted castle:

Abigail knew her mother's castle was haunted.  She had seen the ghosts wandering through the halls on misty nights, and she had listened to their voices when the wind sang between the ramparts.

She didn't care.  She had forayed, once, beyond the looming keep, years ago when her eyes were still bright and her laugh was purer.  All she had found on her journey was hidden mosters and unspoken rules - but here. protected by century-old stone walls and guarded by the empty battlements, there were only ghosts. 

She stroked her mother's cold cheek, kissed it, and tucked the blanket over her lifeless form.  It was fifteen years since the great fever, but her mother watched over her stil.

Abigail smiled.  The ghosts were all the freinds she'd ever need.

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