Friday, December 3, 2021

Holiday Blues

    December is upon us, and with it as always comes the end of the year - and with the turn of the cycle, reflection. 

    The year has been full of ups and down, successes and failures.  I have grown in some ways, I hope, working to triumph over ADHD and Bipolar.  Some days it's a struggle to get out of bed.  Sometimes Ii's a struggle to sleep.  It's always a struggle to move in a direction and to keep focus.  But I win more than I lose, now.
    Listen.  I know these season can be tough.  It can through nonsense into our heads, it can take us down the road to unpleasant memories, and the short days don't bring enough sun to help our brains work right.

    Hold on tight.It gets better.  It can be hard to let anyone know you're struggling - vulnerability is a terrible challenge.  If you can, try.  You don't need this alone.  If you can't... well that's how it goes sometimes.  Don't beat yourself up.  Your people will be there anyway.

    Take care of yourself this holiday season.  We've got your back.


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