Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuesday Afternoon Prompts

Stories inspired by Twitter Prompts - in formats more robust than 280 characters.

'Someone tell me a story about magic and dragon slaying."

Once upon a time, a terrible dragon ravaged the verdant countryside.  The mighty wyrm consumed everything in its path in its quest to sate his endless hunger - but the hunger only grew with every passing day, and his destructio grew greater and greater.

Each knight of the kingdom took horse and rode against it, and each sone fell beneath  the dragon's wrath, victims of flame and claw and tooth and terrible, irresistable strength.

All hope was lost - but then, the forgotten hero, The Damsel, walked back into the living world from her self-imposed obscurity.  She waore no armor, and she sat no tall horse: all she wore was a simple tunic of forest-green and an old, battered spear, and carrying nothing but long years of thankless labor upon her broad shoulders. 

The dragon, resplendent and awe-inspiring in his scales of black and crimson, spat ancient curses and cruel taunts at her, and the smoke from his nostrils rose toward the sky like grey-black curls of steam. 

The Damsel said nothing, only hefted her spear with a grim smile.  The Dragon howled in rage and contempt, cursing this litlte female for ignoring him, for paying no attention to his fury, and leapt toward her with the force of a thunderbolt.

The Damsel roared. breaking her years of silence, and when the dust cleared the dragon lay dead as her feat with an old, battered spear buried in his heaving chest.

"Let's see a story about a young man falling into a faerie ring."

Despite his mother's warning, Bannon had played among the jagged stones on the bald hill many times, heedless of any danger -and none ever came.  Every day, he slipped free of is governess, fleeing through the trees to climb the hill and dance under the sun.

One fall morning, as he played in the deep mud brought by a late autumn storm, he spied an odd gleam among a newly-sprouted ring of toadstools clad in red and white. He giggled in delight as he looked at it, the morning sun bright and a rainbow shining out of the passing rain clouds, and the reckless boy  hopped in the circle to snatch up his coppery prize...

He fell through a door he never saw and into a world he'd never known, and his new life began.

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