Monday, June 14, 2021

Ebbs and Flows

 I've been out of the creative loop for a while; the pandemic, even at its tail end, is draining in all sorts of ways.  I let routine break down and then it was just... a mess for a while.

But summer is upon us, and the trees are green and the sweet scents of flowers in full bloom soar on the breeze, and I have new ideas and old ideas and maybe I can make words again.  Words that flow like water running over rocks in a hidden stream, words that fall from my fingertips like drops of summer rain.

Or, barring that, words that work and advance the story.

Here's to you, fellow writers, fellow creators, struggling through a wasteland to harness or hear your muse.  You are enough. Your words are enough, and they matter.

Let's survive this tide together.



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