Thursday, January 7, 2021

Skaldic Verse: Oathbreaker

An Angry Viking Speaks with Skald-words

Would-be wolves wage fools'-war
Wreaking havoc in peace-sworn halls
Bearing banner of their king, coward-crowned
His brays more noxious than any ass before
Bully bellowing, seeking Ragnarok in sacred spaces
Spilling raven-wine to slake ego's thirst
As crows caw over a kingdom he dared claim

Feeding your vanity, your mewling hordes broke their allegiance-pledge long spoken,
And you restrained them with naught but encouraging disparagement,
Calling for peace while commending theft,
Your fathers hear your voice and will remember your face, 
And they will turn their faces from you
Oath-breakers have no place in honored halls
And your name will be remembered as a curse.

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