Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Winter and Fire

Stealing Fire From the Depths

Today, my friends, at popular request, I bring you some of the lore of Månegard, the World of Twin Moons.  Enjoy. 

The Story of Eeanr Darkfoe and the Hidden Fire

As told by Grinolf Rurikson, Skald to the Wynter Wyrm Tribe.

Once upon a time, many ages ago, while the fist-born were not yet old and the time of men had just begun, there was ice. Never-ending Winter reigned from the western coast of Savakor to the far eastern slopes of the Northern Crown and beyond.  Wolves roamed freely across the snow and the frost; ice-drakes soared in sky, and not even the sun could warm the fog-kissed gloom.

Eeanr, red-haired,fourth-son, saw the suffering of mortalkind. He saw the elves, firstborn, grow pale and cold; he saw the dwarves withdraw deeper into their mines and clanholds, giving up hope for the sun and embracing the long dark, and he saw humankind curled up in their halls and homes, afraid of the dark and the killing cold that haunted it. He wept, and swore to help.

He went first to his brother, Eearik, and asked for his help. "Please brother," he pleaded, "the peoples of the North suffer. The cold eats at their hearts and the wolves are at their doors. Can you help them?"

The herd-keeper shook his head. "I am too busy," he said, "tending and guarding the reindeer and the mountain sheep and keepinging the great road safe for all to walk. My heart breaks for mortal-kind, but I cannot help you."

He went next to his sister, Earin, huntress, hawk-eyed, dead-stalker., and asked for her help. "Please, sister," he cried, "the people of the North are in dire need. The wolves chase them across the wide snow and the cold creeps over their homes. Can you help them?"

The ever-watchful shook her head. "I cannot," she said. "My hounds and I are too busy, seeking the warriors that face their doom, so my arrows may reap their last breath and their souls find their destined halls." 

Eeanr sat alone in the dark, weeping still for mortalkind. At last he rose, wiping away his tears. The danger was great. Alone among his family, he had no skill with spear or sword, nor arrow, nor axe. Yet he loved mortalkind, and would not let them suffer any longer. Alone he slipped under the mountains, walking paths no living eyes have ever seen. Alone he crept through the dark, and alone he stole into the deep wyrm's lair to steal the red, fiery heat hidden in the earth's depths.

He fled, retreating up toward the surface, the furious wyrm fast on his heels. A battle followed, between Eeanr and the deep wyrm and the dwarf-fathers that hurried to his rescue, but only the dwarves know the truth of that story and it is not mine to tell. The Deep Wyrm was slain, and Eeanr reached the surface with the fire, and the winter was brought to an end. To this day, the free folk of the north remember Eeanr's Darkfoe's journey. We remain forever grateful, and it is for him we keep our fires lit on Winter's End.

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