Monday, November 2, 2020

Of Mistletoe and Snow

It's no secret, guys.  2020 has been a hell of a thing.  It seems like everything that could have gone wrong has.  We're all stressed, and angry, and it's easy to lose sight of anything other than the bad. 
It's at times like these that it's so, so, important that we look at the good. That we embrace the parts of the holiday that warm our hearts and chase away the cold.

These past through months I have had the honor and pleasure of working on the anthology Of Mistletoe and Snow, a book that collects stories which call out to the better angels of our natures, and remind us of what is best in our hearts.

My own story is in there, describing how my hero Brandr meets his beloved dog Fraki, but there are so many good stories within, so many stories that will melt your heart and have you shedding the best kinds of tears.

Please take a read.  You won't be sorry.

Pre-orders for  E-books available now.

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