Saturday, November 21, 2020

Of Mistletoe and Snow Sneak Peak

Mistletoe and Vikings

Of Mistletoe and Snow is due out on November 24th, 2020, featuring a number of authors writing stories that will help thaw the winter chill that sets into our bones as the nights grow longer.  I had both the privilege of editing many of these stories, and had the opportunity to enter one of my own: The Hearth in the Hills.

I'd love to share just a little sneak peak of that story with you. Read on!

A wolf howled in the night. Brandr was alone in the woods, bare down to his linen trousers.  There was a knife in his fist, but that was it.  And the wolf was stalking him.  He knew it. His feet crunched over ice-bound snow and he ducked around the tree.  It wouldn’t help.  He knew there was no escape, in the long run.  The wolf would always find him; nothing could hide the blood of an Ulf-hadin, a wolf-warrior, from its scenting. 

And nothing could save a Kinslayer from its jaws.

But that doom could be delayed.  If Brandr could hold out just a little longer, till both moons had sunk below the horizon, he might just make it. All he had to do was make it a little longer.  Heavy paws crushed through hard packed snow nearby, slowly getting closer.  Brandr rose and fled toward another tree, one just over an embankment.. but there was the wolf, impossibly huge; its lambent eyes burning into him, its jaws dripping acid. It bounded toward him, leaping with lethal force, jaws big enough to consume all the light and hope in the world opening…

...and a bowstring sung.

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