Thursday, November 19, 2020

Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology


Christmas time is a time many of us associate with light and happiness, comfort and family, and Jolly Old Santa sliding down the chimney to deliver gifts to good children. Putting aside the troubling implications for trespassing and home invasion, it's a very positive image.

But not all Christmas Stories are so... pleasant.

I give you Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology, a collection of stories to chill your bones...

Jazz House Publishing brings you a host of authors gathered from across the writing community, this collection features precisely thirteen terrifying stories from the darker side of Christmas.  The goat-horned, brown-furred dark lord of yuletide comes out in many forms, to threaten punishment, aid in vengeance,  and haunt the snowy forests.

Coming November 24th, available for pre-order now. . 

You want it. Believe me.

You don't want to anger Krampus.


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