Monday, November 30, 2020

Inspiration: Midwinter Gifts

A Winter Adventure for a Young Heart

There are many reasons writers do what they do.  Sometimes the reason is an idea that demands to be given life on the page.  Sometimes there are characters in their brains needing to get out and tell their stories.  Sometimes it's to pay the bills; sometimes, it's to be remembered.

Midwinter's Gift was not written for those reasons.  At least, not at first.

Midwinter's Gift has been written for my daughter.

I was sitting on the couch one night, tapping away at the keyboard, getting ready for a release... I think it was Krampus Tales. My daughter was sitting catty-corner away from me, on the other couch, and she says "Daddy.  Did you ever write a book for kids?"

My world stopped.  I looked up and met her blue-grey eyes.  "No, sweetheart," I said.  "But I'm about to."

And that's how I this journey began, as I decided to be the most extra parent in the world and write my daughter a book for Christmas.  I could go on and on about how she's made me a better person, how she's changed my life for the better, and how so many of my choices over the past years have been about putting her first.

But all I need to say is that the story started for her, and it was for her I wrote it.

The challenges Meadow Lily faces are not the same challenges my daughter faces, but stories of friendship and bravery and faith matter. Stories of accepting loss matter; stories of defying authority to do what's right matter.  And I hope she hears those.

Along the way I met new friends.  Duad the Half-elven.  Sere, the big black elkhound.  A strange and mysterious elf who holds the key to secret powers.  

We meet old friends, too, who first appeared in The Hearth and The Hills: Vriya and her brothers, and the kindly patriarch Gavfar, and of course the Northern Crown itself which has forever carved its shape into my heart.  I got a chance to visit it again, even if Brandr has moved on (for now), to explore the mythology of the world, and to look into some of the fallout from the events of Wyrd of the Wolfkin.

And I got to do it all while telling a story for my daughter.

I hope your children like it, as well.

And you too.


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